Just for today, do not be angry
do not worry
be filled with gratitude
give yourself over to your work
and be kind to all people
–The Five Reiki Principles

Rachael Gonzalez, B.A., L.M.T. (IL, WI) , Reiki Master. SHE/HER/HERS
I received my B.A. at North Park University prior to studying massage therapy at Cortiva Institute in Chicago, graduating class Valedictorian. I received my Usui Reiki 霊気 certifications and attunements from Jeanne Steen at the Zen Shiatsu School in Evanston IL. My cupping 拔罐 and gua sha 刮痧 therapies were strengthened at Zen Shiatsu as well, and during my years working alongside acupuncturists and TCM practitioners.
My herbal education began with years of self study, supplemented by workshops with wise-woman herbalists such as Linda Conroy, Tammi Sweet, Joanne Bauman, Heather Nic an Fheideir (among others), and wild edible plant teachers like Natalie Evans. After moving to Mexico City in 2018 and experiencing the powerful methods of folk healing, Curanderismo, there, which combine simple herbs and massage with prayer to treat a wide range of issues, I was inspired to enroll in the Herbal Academy of New England Clinical Herbalism programs, where I am learning a science-based approach to plant healing in an environment that harkens back to my roots growing up in New England. The walk of an herbalist is long, winding and never complete, I am constantly learning.
My unique combination of clinical assessment, plant knowledge, physical medicine and energy work provides a colorful array of therapies, tools and products to assist you at any point on your healing journey.

I believe in hands-on healing. Massage therapy and Reiki lend a calm, quiet, serene approach to empowering individuals to feel better in their bodies. My approach is trauma informed, anti-racist and anti-fascist. I believe in health at all sizes, and I also welcome trans individuals to feel comfortable within my practice.
I make wild crafted and organically sourced gender neutral apothecary items with an emphasis on low waste packaging. Each item is thoughtfully made with intention, and infused with healing reiki. The public needs more recognizable, less wasteful, more carefully made products; I do my best to make that happen. I also try to avoid using plastics in the store, containers, or in shipping; choosing instead to reuse shipping materials or compostables. I am committed to staying as low waste and low impact on the planet as possible. My labels were designed by my partner, Architecture is Not Magic .
I seek to purvey mindfully curated, beautiful, & repurposed vintage home goods for consumers interested in bringing the outdoors in, while diverting well made and tasteful items from the landfill. I am a strong believer in cozy, warmly decorated homes as self care.

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I am always looking for places to teach or to carry my wares.
Please email me if you want to carry my products!  Familiarmke@gmail.com

harvesting white pine tips :-)

harvesting white pine tips :-)