Handmade herbal products made with intention and care, in ceremony, for the discerning consumer who desires ethical, gender neutral and low waste self care. I use no synthetics or additives, and I do my best to source my herbs, clays and oils as ethically, organically, and close to the USA as possible. I only use wild crafted herbs when it will not harm the environment and when the plant is not at risk. I infuse each jar with Reiki energy to further enhance the healing benefit of the herbs I use.

I use glass jars with metal lids to promote reusable, durable packaging without plastic whenever possible to ensure ability to refill or recycle when the life of the product is complete.

I also compost all the waste products of my formulations, and avoid waste accumulation by offering local pickup in Milwaukee, reusing packing and shipping materials as well as compostable/recyclable paper, cardboard, and paper tape. I plan to eventually transition to 100% compostable shipping material.


I am happy to lead affordable community workshops on a variety of subjects, including but not limited to:

-Natural skin care with facial massage and gua sha at home
-Cupping at home for couples
-Herbs and lifestyle changes for stress and anxiety
-College students and Self care
-Crafting a healing space at home

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in home, or at your art gallery, storefront, yoga studio, apothecary, gathering/healing space, please email familiarkme@gmail.com



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